? Which data do you use at
! We use data from Erhvervsstyrelsen, Statstidende, Domstolsstyrelsen, Finanstilsynet, Danmarks Statistik, Geodatastyrelsen, and more.. The data are updated daily.

? The company data e.g. address, financial data or the status are wrong.
! Contact to get the wrong data corrected.

? I don't want my company's data visible on your site. What do I do
! The data on are already public available. Contact to change that.


? How do I get access to persons, portfolio, more barons, competitor analyses, industry analyses, etc.
! Contact us. We'll get back to you to clarify the exact needs.

? Can you come by free of charge to demonstrate the possibilities in the system
! Yes. Contact us. We'll get back to you.


? Micro, small, middle, large companies
! Micro: less than 10 employees | Small: 10 - 49 employees | Middle: 50 - 249 employees | Large: 250+ employees)


? What are industries
! All companies are registered with an industry code - called NACE
The industries - hence all companies - are part of an industry hierarchy Nomenclatures in many levels
In Bisbase we use 4 NACE-levels:
- NACE6, lowest level with all companies divided into approx. 700 industries e.g. "Scheduled passenger air transport"
- NACE3, second-lowest level with all companies divided into 273 industries e.g. "Passenger air transport"
- NACE2, second-highest level wit all companies divided into 89 industries e.g. "Air transport"

- NACE1, highest level wit all companies divided into 22 industries e.g. "Transport"

You can also create your own "industries" - we refer to them as Own Groups
Furthermore we continously extend with our own industries - we refer to them as Premium Industries.


? The system does not act as it normally does: I can't access my groups, another language is used, etc.
! This can happen if a user with other access rights than you, have accessed the system from this computer.
Click here to clean up from the previous user