Below you'll find videos on how to use Bisbase.

Intro to Bisbase

Take a tour in Bisbase.

Duration: 4:50

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Financial statements

Brief introduction to financial statements and key figures for a company.

Duration: 3:53

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Owners and management

Brief introduction to owners and management in a company

Duration: 1:15

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How to find exactly the companies you're looking for.

Duration: 0:41

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Benchmark analysis

How does a company perform compared to other companies in the industry and twins.

Duration: 0:45

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Industry analysis

See what an industry analysis is all about.

Duration: 2:05

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Create competitor analysis

See how easy you can create your own competitor analysis.

Duration: 1:44

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Create industry analysis

See how easy you can create an industry analysis containing many companies.

Duration: 2:22

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Download data to Excel

See how easy you can download data from Bisbase to Excel (CSV)

Duration: 1:22

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Portfolio management

How to mange your portfolio of customers or providers.

Duration: 1:40

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