Company type
Limited Corporation
Gross profit
125 MDKK
Operating Profit (EBIT)
Profit for the Year
Advertising protection
The company is advertising protected. This means that the information may not be used for marketing purposes.

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Rank in industry
"Top 10%"
Rank in Denmark
"Top 10%"

Top management Top 3

Board Top 3

Lars Dige Knudsen 16Chairman of board
Steen Agerbo Bødtker 8Boardmember
Kaare Bo Nielsen 1Boardmember

Legal owners Top 3

100%Dafa Group A/S

Rights certificate

Selskabet tegnes af den administrerende direktør sammen med bestyrelsens formand eller af den administrerende direktør sammen med to medlemmer af bestyrelsen eller af den samlede bestyrelse

Company information based on CVR

NameDafa A/S
AddressHolmstrupgårdvej 12, 8220 Brabrand
IndustryManufacture of plastics in primary forms [201600]
Established05-12-2018 (2 yr)
Company typeLimited Corporation
Number of employees127 (Fin.Stmt)
Advertising protectionYes
AuditorKpmg P/S since 05-12-2018
Financial statement period01-01 to 31-12
Company capital25,000,000 DKK
500,000 DKK (05-12-2018 - 30-03-2019)
Articles of assoc. last31-03-2019


Selskabets formål er at drive virksomhed med handel, service, produktion og investering samt al virksomhed, som efter bestyrelsens skøn har forbindelse hermed

Financial Statement

Currency/unit000' DKK000' DKK
Gross Profit
Profit for the Year
Total Assets

Mangement review

Anti-corruption and bribery
Social and staff matters
Non-financial KPIs
Diversity in other management levels
DAFA's business model is through a global footprint to follow our customers' development and requirements by offering high service and quality in sustainable, long-lasting foam and rubber solutions which seal, absorb and protect. We want to grow together with our customers by focusing on close customer relations and development of innovative quality products and solutions.
From 1 January 2019, DAFA A/S was renamed to DAFA Group A/S, and DAFA Group A/S is acting as the holding company for all the legal entities in the DAFA Group. A new DAFA A/S company was established, and from 1 January the former DAFA A/S' activities were transferred to the new DAFA A/S.
Comparable figures for 2018 are not revised.
Bribery and corruption are taken very seriously at DAFA, and such behavior is not permitted. We have not drawn up any formal policy within anti-corruption and bribery. DAFA Group has a code of conduct for DAFA employees and the suppliers to underline that DAFA wants to appear as a responsible and credible partner focusing on ethical business principles which always complies with the laws, regulations and guidelines in the applicable countries in which they operate. By 2020, as part of the code of conduct, DAFA is planning to formalize an anti-corruption and bribery policy.
DAFA Group cares about its employees, and the employees are the most important asset of the business and its success. Every year, we organise different activities to show our appreciation or our employees’ efforts and their dedication to DAFA. In 2019, DAFA celebrated its 80th anniversary by having "open house" in the headquarter for all employees, their families and business partners.
The Company has safety policy, staff policy and a management guideline in place, and a collaboration committee has been established to improve collaboration across functions, departments and seniority. One of the key actions to reach the target is the biyearly people survey where employees are encouraged to share their opinions and suggest improvements in the working environment. The employees' input is an important tool to improve the social and staff matters and to improve job satisfaction. A people survey was made in 2019, and based on the feedback Management has decided to focus on management communication and visible management. In line with the input from the people survey, DAFA Group will also introduce a DAFA Academy in 2020. The academy will be a global management training programme to ensure that all DAFA employees receive good management. Furthermore, a global training and education programme will be structured and organised to continue developing the employees.
DAFA has focus on non-financial KPIs to track our environmental, social and economic performance within defined KPIs. DAFA Group is planning to implement a global non-financial KPI structure in line with the one we have in DAFA A/S. Below is the development in the environmental KPI for DAFA A/S: Environmental KPI: 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total Electricity (Thousands KWH) 801 787 754 753 815 Total CO2 emiisions 162 159 152 152 165
DAFA is also considering diversity in other management levels than the Board of Directors. The long-term aim is that the Company reflects the surrounding society and especially the Company's customers, not only in terms of gender, but also in terms of nationality and ethnicity. This reflection of the surrounding society is to contribute to the Company being an attractive choice for customers as well as present and future employees and in this way enabling the Company to achieve its long-term business goals. The policy of the Company states that both genders are encouraged equally to apply for vacant positions in the Company. Both genders are also guaranteed the same rights and conditions during their employment. As DAFA strives for an equal gender representation in Management, we acknowledge that women are currently underrepresented. Therefore, we have placed special focus on ensuring that women are, where possible, included in the list of candidates for new hires and internal promotions. Moreover, we have in situations where more candidates are assessed to be equally qualified for a position selected the female candidate.