Company type
Limited Corporation
556 MDKK
Gross profit
294 MDKK
Operating Profit (EBIT)
Profit for the Year
761 MDKK

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Rank Profit for the Year

Rank in industry
"Top 10%"
Rank in Denmark
"Top 10%"

Top management Top 3

Board Top 3

Connie Hedegaard Koksbang 9Chairman of board
Christian Van Thillo 3Boardmember
Christophe Convent 1Boardmember

Legal owners Top 3

100%De Persgroep Denmark Aps

Rights certificate

Selskabet tegnes af bestyrelsens formand eller næstformand i forening med enten et bestyrelsesmedlem eller en direktør eller af fire bestyrelsesmedlemmer i forening, eller af to direktører i forening

Company information based on CVR

NameBerlingske Media A/S
Alternate namesAlt Om København A/S, Aok A/S, B.T. A/S, Berlingske Gratisaviser A/S, Berlingske Lokalaviser A/S, Berlingske New Business A/S, Berlingske Nyhedsbureau A/S, Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin A/S, Berlingske Tidende A/S, Berlingske af 2007 A/S, Bt A/S, City Avisen A/S, Dato A/S, De Bergske Blade A/S, De Berlingske Blade A/S, De Berlingske Dagblade A/S, Det Berlingske Hus A/S, Det Berlingske Officin A/S, Det Berlingske Selskab af 1982 A/S, Erhvervs-Magasinet A/S, Erhvervs-Nyt A/S, Erhvervsbladet A/S, Finansavisen A/S, Klub Østjylland A/S, Metropol Online A/S, Urban A/S, Weekendavisen A/S, 2770 Lokalnyt for Kastrup, Tårnby, Tømmerup, Ullerup og Vestamager A/S, A/S Amager Bladet, A/S Bagsværd/Søborg Bladet, A/S Ballerup Bladet, A/S Berlingske Full Service, A/S Berlingske Lokalavisers Distribution, A/S Ddc-Dansk Distributionscenter, A/S Frederiksberg Bladet, A/S Frederiksværk Ugeblad, A/S Haderslev Posten, A/S Kolding Ugeavis, A/S Rødovre Avis, A/S Taastrup Avis, A/S Ugeposten Helsinge, A/S Østerbro Avis, Aabenraa Månedsavis A/S, Aabenraa Ugeavis A/S, Adcreate A/S, Alsposten A/S, Amager Distribution A/S, Amager Posten A/S, Aok Kupon A/S, Aok Premium A/S, Aok Shop A/S, Avisen for Thorsø, Faarvang og Ulstrup A/S, Ballerup-Måløv Avis A/S, Berlingske Bladsalg og Service A/S, Berlingske Business Supporting Services A/S, Berlingske Digital A/S, Berlingske Gratismedier A/S, Berlingske It A/S, Berlingske Mediateam A/S, Berlingske Service & Økonomi A/S, Berlingske Supporting Services A/S, Berlingske Tidendes Specialpublikationer A/S, Berlingske Trafikreklame A/S, Blddc A/S, Bov Bladet A/S, Brobusiness A/S, Byggeerhvervet A/S, Cliche-Centralen A/S, Cliche-Centralen A/S (Det Berlingske Officin A/S) Reg. Nr. 22.283, Danmarks Erhvervsblad A/S, Det Nye Odsherred A/S, Detailbladet A/S, Dragør Avis A/S, Easywheel A/S, Easywheels A/S, Erhvervskurser A/S, Finansbladet A/S, Finanstidende A/S, Fordelsklub A/S, Fredagsposten A/S, Frederiksberg Bladet A/S, Fyns Erhvervs-Blad A/S, Graasten og Omegns Folkeblad A/S, Grenaa Bladet A/S, Grenaa Bogforlag A/S, Grenaa Bogtrykkeri A/S, Gråsten Ugeavis A/S, Grænseposten A/S, Haderslev Ugeavis A/S, Hadsten Avisen A/S, Hadsten Posten A/S, Halsnæs Posten A/S, Hedehusene Avis A/S, I. M. Elmenhoff & Søn A/S, Ik Sats og Grafik A/S, Job I Danmark A/S, Jyden A/S, Jydske Distriktsblade A/S, Jydske Tidende A/S, Jyllands Erhvervs-Blad A/S, Kgs. Enghave Bladet A/S, Kids News A/S, Klub Randers A/S, Klub Ring-Skjern A/S, Klub Viborg A/S, Kolding Posten A/S, Komplementarselskabet Århus Stiftstidende A/S, Korsør Posten A/S, Københavns Erhvervs-Blad A/S, Lidtmere.Dk A/S, Lokal-Avisen A/S, Lokal-Aviserne, Bispebjerg Torv A/S, Lokal-Bladet Ringsted A/S, Lokalavisen Høje Tåstrup A/S, Lokalaviserne & Regionalaviserne A/S, Lokalbladet for Nørrebro og Nord-Vest A/S, Mb-Reklame A/S, Mellemfjords Distribution A/S, Månedens Tilbud A/S, Nord-Vest Avisen A/S, Nordegnen, Regionalavis for Nordsjælland A/S, Nordisk Pressefoto A/S, Nv-Reklame A/S, Nørrebro Avis A/S, Public Impact A/S, Regionalaviserne af 1/5 1980 A/S, Scanpix Danmark A/S, Sjællands Erhvervs-Blad A/S, Skelskør Avis A/S, Skælskør Avis A/S, Skælskør Lokalavis A/S, Skælskør Ny Weekend A/S, Skælskør Nyt A/S, Sorø Avis A/S, Sorø Fotosats A/S, Sorø Lokalavis A/S, Sorø Nyt A/S, Sorø Nyt Weekend A/S, Stor Københavns Erhverv A/S, Sweetbox A/S, Sweetdeal A/S, Sønderborg Fotosats A/S, Sønderborg Ugeavis A/S, Team Erhverv A/S, Trommen A/S, Uge-Bladet Skanderborg af 1999 A/S, Ugeavisen Alsingeren A/S, Ugeavisen Brønshøj-Husum A/S, Ugeavisen for Sønderborg, Als og Grænseegnen A/S, Ugebladet Hinnerup og Omegn A/S, Ugebladet Mellemfjords A/S, Valbybladet A/S, Vanløse Bladet A/S, Vestegnen A/S, Vesterbrobladet, Vesterbro og Enghave Avis A/S, Vesternyt, Ugebladet for Vesterbro/City A/S, Vojens Ugeavis A/S, Wemobilise A/S Show more
AddressPilestræde 34, 1112 København K
IndustryPublishing of local and advertising papers [581420]
Established31-03-1950 (70 yr)
Company typeLimited Corporation
Number of employees345 (Fin.Stmt)
Advertising protectionNo
AuditorPricewaterhousecoopers Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab since 25-09-2015
Financial statement period01-01 to 31-12
Company capital216,567,000 DKK
216,566,000 DKK (12-06-1995 - 17-12-2009)
90,000,000 DKK (30-08-1987 - 11-06-1995)
Articles of assoc. last24-09-2019

Member of industries


Selskabets formål er at udgive aviser, blade og andre publikationer, at udøve anden virksomhed inden for nyhedsformidling og annoncering samt at drive beslægtet virksomhed efter bestyrelsens nærmere bestemmelse. Selskabets publikationer skal stedse redigeres i dansk demokratisk ånd ud fra et samfundsbevarende grundsynspunkt, men uden at være bundet til noget bestemt politisk parti eller nogen organisation, og redaktionen skal inden for disse rammer være frit stillet under iagttagelse af alsidighed, redelighed, mådehold og god tone.

Financial Statement

Currency/unit000' DKK000' DKK000' DKK
Gross Profit
Profit for the Year
Total Assets

Mangement review

Business review
Berlingske Media owns the four Danish media brands Berlingske, B.T., Weekendavisen, and Euroinvestor.

Berlingske Media also owns Trykkompagniet (print company) and shares in Infomedia (news surveillance), Bladkompagniet (distribution company) and Bornholms Tidende (newspaper).
Development during the year
The income statement shows a profit of MDKK 87 (2018: mDKK 30) for the Group whereof mDKK 78 (2018: mDKK 27) is Berlingske Media’s share of the profit in 2019. Equity end of year 2019 for the Group is MDKK 780 (2018: MDKK 709), of which MDKK 761 (2018: MDKK 685) is Berlingske Media’s share of the equity.
Revenue shows MDKK 857 in 2019 compared to MDKK 1,099 in 2018. Revenue including revenue from the discontinuing operations Radio24syv and Podcast24SYV shows MDKK 948 compared to MDKK 1,099 in 2018. The decrease in revenue also relates to the disposal of Marketsquare and Sweetdeal in 2018.
The profit for the year has been affected by one-off items amounting to net income of MDKK 8 related to dividend from Danske Medier and redundancy costs.
The result for the year is in line with our expectations.
Activities and changes during the year
Management has continued the digital transformation of the Group. The major investment of the year was a new customer handling system ready in December. Other significant activities include the inauguration of a data intelligence department in April and the relaunch of the Euroinvestor site in September.
In November, the license for Radio24syv expired and this led to the closing of the radio station as well as the podcast app. Both Berlingske People A/S and Podcast24syv A/S are treated as discontinued operations.
As per January 2019 the group’s corporate structure was simplified by way of a merger between Berlingske Media A/S, Berlingske af 2007 A/S, and Weekendavisen A/S.
Management team
In November 2019, Anne-Katrine Bugge was appointed new Editor in Chief of Euroinvestor.
Future market development expectations and business risks
The total Danish advertising market is expected to take a dip as a consequence of COVID-19. Based on consultations with media agencies, major advertisers, trade organisations and partners in the industry, we expect a major dip in advertising revenue in the first half of 2020 before the markets pick up again after the Summer. At that point the economy has slowed and we are more than likely to get a lower level of activity for the remaining of the year. Danish Industries (Dansk Industri) forecasts a contraction of 6.7% of GDP for 2020.
The above mentioned expectations to the market also comprises business risks. However, we assess that our investments in and focus on digital solutions mitigate the inherent business risks within the media segment where we want to keep our position as a significant player.
Non-financial conditions
Statutory statement on CSR in accordance with Danish Financial Statement Act § 99a.
The basic values of the Group is that we are accountable, maintain a high ethical standard and show respect for our business partners, customers, employees and other stakeholders. The Group is a media company delivering news on relevant platforms. Therefore, we are daily exposed to a significant number of people and business relationships. As a media company, we are particularly aware of our impact on Danish society. As part of running a responsible business, a risk assessment is carried out and the need for policies, guidelines and efforts are assessed continuously.
Business model
The business model is described above in the sections “Business activities”, “Future market development expectations and business risks”.
In respect to the environment our print production has a potential risk, as we have high consumption of paper and production material.
In respect to employees we have a risk that our key employees will leave the group and our employees’ lack of updated digital skills.
In respect to anti-corruption and anti-bribery, we have a risk of not being a free and independent press if management or employees receive gifts, travel and other benefits from our suppliers or customers.
In respect to human rights we respect the law and the spirit of the law and currently we treat personal data with the utmost attention.
In terms of production, the Group puts emphasis on suppliers, including subsidiaries, to minimize material usage and ensure the collection of environmentally harmful substances for recycling and controlled degradation.
We have policies on education, that ensures that we update the right competencies and policies on how to reduce employee churn.
Berlingske Media has a policy against receiving money (bribery), travels, gifts or other incentives from customers or suppliers.
We have policies that ensure that we are compliant with GDPR.
Effort and results
In respect to the environment, paper was purchased jointly with other media companies, which ensures an environmentally friendly green paper production and replanting trees (FSC approved). Unsold newspapers are recycled.
In respect to employees, Berlingske Media invested in upgrading the digital skills in 2019. Employees attend our DigiLab and have completed training in visual storytelling, podcast and video training, as well as basic G-suite training. This training is needed to meet our ambitious digital strategic goals and we continue to upgrade digital skills in 2020.
In respect to anti-corruption and anti-bribery, we inform all new employees of our policy, and we have carried out controls in 2019 and found no breaches.
In respect to human rights, we have further enhanced our governance of personal data with management systems that coordinate the ongoing development of GDPR and privacy regulation across our organization.
Gender balance in management
Berlingske Media has set a target for gender balance of the company's board of directors. The aim is that the underrepresented gender is never lower than one third (33%) of the general meeting elected members.
Berlingske Media has two female members out of a total of six board members (33%) excluding staff representatives.
Berlingske Media commits to working for equal career opportunities for all employees regardless of gender. In recruiting, training programs etc., Berlingske Media will therefore always let talent, skills and qualifications decide who is employed in various positions.
According to Berlingske Media's policies on gender balance, 40% of the staff should be female.
In 2019, 41% of the staff was female, which is 2 percentage points lower than in 2018 (43%).
For management and specialists, 38% was female, which is 3 percentage points lower than in 2018 (41%).
Subsequent events and expectations for the year ahead
Reference is made to note 20 in the Financial Statements.