Company type
Limited Corporation (APS)
Gross profit
1,836,722 DKK
Operating Profit (EBIT)
462,863 DKK
Profit for the year
169,103 DKK
1,544,091 DKK
History 43 historical
Area Valid from Valid to
Number of employees9 (man years:6)01-04-202230-04-2022
Number of employees8 (man years:5)01-03-202231-03-2022
Number of employees9 (man years:6)01-02-202228-02-2022
Accountancy deselctedYes17-10-201720-02-2022
Number of employees9 (man years:5)01-01-202231-01-2022
Number of employees10 (man years:6)01-12-202131-12-2021
Number of employees7 (man years:5)01-11-202130-11-2021
Number of employees8 (man years:5)01-10-202131-10-2021
Number of employees6 (man years:4)01-08-202130-09-2021
Number of employees6 (man years:5)01-06-202131-07-2021
Number of employees5 (man years:4)01-04-202131-05-2021
Number of employees5 (man years:3)01-03-202131-03-2021
Number of employees5 (man years:4)01-11-202028-02-2021
Number of employees3 (man years:3)01-09-202031-10-2020
Number of employees2 (man years:2)01-08-202031-08-2020
Number of employees2 (man years:2)01-06-202030-06-2020
Number of employees2 (man years:2)01-04-202030-04-2020
Number of employees4 (man years:0.25)01-03-202031-03-2020
OwnersOscar Trap Holding Aps - owner share: 25-33.32% voting share: 25-33.32% 17-10-201710-03-2020
Number of employees5 (man years:1.16)01-02-202029-02-2020
Number of employees4 (man years:1.11)01-01-202031-01-2020
Top managementOscar Trap Elers Mogensen, CEO17-10-201708-01-2020
Number of employees1 (man years:0.19)01-12-201931-12-2019
Number of employees1 (man years:0.16)01-11-201930-11-2019
Number of employees5 (man years:1)01-09-201930-09-2019
Number of employees6 (man years:3)01-08-201931-08-2019
Number of employees4 (man years:3)01-07-201931-07-2019
Number of employees7 (man years:3)01-06-201930-06-2019
Number of employees6 (man years:3)01-05-201931-05-2019
Number of employees6 (man years:2)01-04-201930-04-2019
Number of employees6 (man years:3)01-03-201931-03-2019
Number of employees7 (man years:3)01-01-201928-02-2019
Number of employees6 (man years:3)01-11-201831-12-2018
Articles of assoc. last24. OCT 201724-10-201705-12-2018
Company capital50,000 DKK17-10-201705-12-2018
OwnersLh Fund III Aps - owner share: 5-9.99% voting share: 5-9.99% 17-10-201705-12-2018
OwnersLions Invest Aps - owner share: 5-9.99% voting share: 5-9.99% 17-10-201705-12-2018
Number of employees1 (man years:3)01-09-201831-10-2018
Number of employees0 (man years:2)01-08-201831-08-2018
Number of employees3 (man years:1)01-07-201831-07-2018
Number of employees1 (man years:1)01-03-201831-03-2018
Articles of assoc. last17. OCT 201717-10-201723-10-2017
OwnersOscar Trap Elers Mogensen - owner share: 15-19.99% voting share: 15-19.99% 17-10-201717-10-2017