Company type
Limited Corporation
1,570 MDKK
Gross profit
3,184 MDKK
Operating Profit (EBIT)
3,006 MDKK
Profit for the year
2,661 MDKK
2,707 MDKK

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Rank Profit for the year

Rank in industry
"Top 10%"
Rank in Denmark
"Top 10%"

Top management Top 3

Board Top 3

Ingeborg Rossebø Borgheim 1Chairman of board
Bjarne Mejlstrup Lange 1Boardmember
Niels Hansen 1Boardmember

Legal owners Top 3

100%Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG

Rights certificate

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Company information based on CVR

NameTakeda Pharma A/S
Alternate namesAb Pharma A/S, Basoderm A/S, Benzon Bio-Tech A/S, Benzon Biosystems A/S, Benzon Pharma A/S, Dak Laboratories A/S, Danimed A/S, Nettopharma A/S, Nycomed Benzon A/S, Nycomed Consumer A/S, Nycomed Dak A/S, Nycomed Danmark A/S, Nycomed Dk A/S, Nycomed Pharma A/S, Nycomed Pharma-Medica A/S, Pharma-Medica A/S, Pharmachemie A/S, Shire Denmark A/S, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Denmark A/S, Ab Pharma Aps, Basoderm Aps, Benzon Bio-Tech Aps, Benzon Biosystems Aps, Benzon Pharma Aps, Dak Laboratories Aps, Dak-Laboratoriet A/S, Danimed Aps, Nycomed A/S, Nycomed Aps, Nycomed Benzon Aps, Nycomed Dak Aps, Nycomed Dk Aps, Nycomed Pharma Aps, Nycomed Pharma-Medica Aps, Pharma-Medica Aps, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Denmark Aps Show more
AddressDelta Park 45, 2665 Vallensbæk Strand
IndustryManufacture of pharmaceutical preparations [212000]
Established02-01-1984 (37 yr)
Company typeLimited Corporation
Number of employees180 (Fin.Stmt)
Advertising protectionNo
AuditorKpmg P/S since 20-11-2014
Financial statement period01-04 to 31-03
Company capital10,100,000 DKK
10,000,000 DKK (30-03-2019 - 31-03-2020)
956,100,000 DKK (16-03-2016 - 29-03-2019)
810,100,000 DKK (23-12-2014 - 15-03-2016)
810,000,000 DKK (08-11-2012 - 22-12-2014)
809,000,000 DKK (19-06-2012 - 07-11-2012)
Articles of assoc. last01-04-2020

Member of industries


Selskabets formål er udvikling og fremstilling af samt handel med lægemidler og hermed beslægtede varer.

Financial Statement

Currency/unit000' DKK000' DKK000' DKK
Gross Profit
Profit for the year
Total Assets

Mangement review

Financial Statements of Takeda Pharma A/S for 2019/20 has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Danish Financial Statements Act applying to large enterprises of reporting class C .
With effect from 1 April 2019, the Company has implemented a modified retrospective implementation of IFRS 16, why comparative figures have not been adjusted.

The implementation of IFRS 16 has resulted in a net cost of DKK 5,7 million.
This causes an impact on lease assets and liabilities (except short-term leases and leases of low value assets) with an increase of DKK 40,6 million. The equity of 1 April 2019 remains unchanged.
Key activities
Takeda Pharma A/S is the operating company for the local activities in Denmark as well as for group related activities. The Company is part of the Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.

The activities in Takeda Pharma A/S include local marketing activities, production as well as some group functions. The group functions are carried out by all the Group's companies and, in 2019/20, among other things comprised activities within Global Manufacturing and Supply and IT.

In cooperation with the production units in the other companies in the Group, the production unit in
Denmark produces pharmaceuticals to the Danish market and for export to other companies in the
Takeda Group.

The marketing activities in Denmark include sale, marketing and registration for the Danish market in
the business areas Hospitals, General practitioners, Pharmacies and mass market. We have a broad
product portfolio with our core business within Inflammatory bowel disease and Oncology. As per 1 January 2019 Takeda Acquired Shire Denmark A/S which added Rare diseases and Neuroscience to the business. Takeda Pharma A/S are also active on non-prescription products within Pain, Cough & Cold and Vitamins etc.
Development in the year
The income statement of the Company for 2019/20 shows a profit of TDKK 2,661,113, and at 31 March 2020 the balance sheet of the Company shows equity of TDKK 2,707,245.
As of April 1st 2019 the Shire operations was merged and integrated into Takeda Pharma A/S.
The past year and follow-up on development expectations from last year
Operating profit for the year is higher than expected in the financial year 2019/20 due to income from divestments of certain non-core assets to emerging markets.
Special risks - operating risks and financial risks
Operating risks
Management teams in Takeda Pharma A/S as well as the Group are responsible for monitoring and
assessing potential business risks that may arise.

The Company's activities are subject to rigorous regulatory control and approval procedures. Moreover,
the ongoing cost management by public authorities and the health sector will result in lower prices and
reimbursements in the future. Management continuously monitors the development and assesses the

Several of the Companys products are long-established products that are subject to increasing
competition. In order to reduce loss and risk, the Company actively monitors the life cycle of the

Future growth and success will depend on Takeda's ability to develop new products and the local
companies' ability to market these products. Moreover, the development of sales in the existing product
portfolio will be essential to the financial performance of Takeda Pharma A/S.
Credit risks
The financial risks of Takeda Pharma A/S are administered in accordance with the policies and
instructions adopted by the Group. Accordingly, credit risks and outstanding payments are evaluated

Financial risks are administered centrally in the Group. The Group does not carry out financial
transactions that are not related to hedging of the underlying business risks. It is thus not the Group's
policy to engage in active speculation in financial risks.
Targets and expectations for the year ahead
The company expects the underlying profit in the financial year 2020/21 on the same level as the financial year 2019/20, however the income from divestments of certain non-core assets in the financial year 2020/21 is likely to be less than the year before.
Work environment
A healthy and safe work environment is a precondition for creating strong results and good products.

The Company is continuously seeking to secure and improve working conditions in order to avoid
industrial accidents. Relevant policies and systems as well as teamwork help the Company reduce the
number of accidents. Takeda Pharma A/S has also established uniform contingency plans for all
locations. The primary purpose of the plans is to save lives and to contribute to reducing any harmful
effects on the health of people and on the environment. As part of the contingency plan, a task force has
been established which receives training on a regular basis, including first aid courses and basic
firefighting courses.

In the financial year 2019/20 Takeda Pharma A/S became top employer 2020 with certified excellence in employee conditions. Secondly the recent workplace assessment by our employees dated June 2020 showed improvement on most parameters compared to 3 years ago.
As Takeda Pharma A/S employees represent a great asset to the Company, night time working employees are regularly offered a health check. The Company also offers a number of health-promoting treatments and activities. Employees at Takeda Pharma A/S may thus be treated by among others chiropractors and zone therapist during working hours.
Statement of corporate social responsibility
Statement on gender composition
Uncertainty relating to recognition and measurement
Recognition and measurement in the Annual Report have not been subject to any uncertainty.
Unusual events
The outbreak of COVID-19 escalated in early 2020, and on March 11, 2020, the WHO declared the outbreak a worldwide pandemic.
The company does not expect to be negatively impacted by COVID-19. For further information please refer to note 1.
Subsequent events
No events materially affecting the assessment of the Annual Report have occurred after the balance sheet date.