Company type
Limited Corporation (APS)
Advertising protection
The company is advertising protected. This means that the information may not be used for marketing purposes.

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Top management top 3

Board top 3

Kim Sandahl Møller 2Chairman of board
Lars Birch Jensen 2Boardmember
Visti Rejnall Iversen 2Boardmember

Legal owners top 3

Rights certificate

Selskabet tegnes af bestyrelsens formand i forening med en direktør.

Company information based on CVR

NamePilot Tango Aps
Alternate namesGreat Belt Transit Aps, Non Stop Pilot Aps, Pilottango Aps, Tango Pilot Aps, Tangopilot Aps Show more
AddressKirkeby Sand 1, 5771 Stenstrup
IndustryTowage, salvage and rescue activities [522220]
Established26-10-2022 (1 yr)
First financial statement period26-10-2022 to 30-06-2023
Company typeLimited Corporation (APS)
Number of employees4 (man years:4)
Advertising protectionYes
Audit deselectedYes
Financial statement period01-07 to 30-06
Company capital40,000 DKK
Articles of assoc. last26-10-2022

Member of industries


Selskabets formål er at udøve virksomhed med handel og service samt aktiviteter i tilknytning hertil.