Company type
Limited Corporation
1,087 MDKK
Gross profit
300 MDKK
Operating Profit (EBIT)
Profit for the year
310 MDKK

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Rank Profit for the year

Rank in industry
"Top 10%"
Rank in Denmark
"Top 10%"

Top management - top 3

Board - top 3

Alastair Shaun McCambridge 1Chairman of board
Atli Freyr Einarsson 4Boardmember
Marcia Yor Ing Lin 1Boardmember

Legal owners - top 3

100%Deutsche Post Beteiligungen Holding GmbH

Rights certificate

Selskabet tegnes af bestyrelsens formand i forening med et andet bestyrelsesmedlem eller i forening med en direktør eller af to direktører i forening

Company information based on CVR

NameDhl Express (Denmark) A/S
Alternate namesAktieselskabet Svenske Godscentraler, Asg (Grønland) A/S, Asg (Grønland) Aps, Asg Air & Sea A/S, Asg Airfreight A/S, Asg Denmark A/S, Asg European Road Transport A/S, Asg Holding A/S, Asg Luftfragt A/S, Asg Seafreight A/S, Atlas Spedition A/S, Danabulk A/S, Danagods A/S, Danske Godscentraler A/S, Danske Transportcentraler A/S, Danzas Asg Eurocargo A/S, Danzas Holding A/S, Dhl Freight (Denmark) A/S, Ert A/S, Helsingør Spedition A/S, Ict International Container Traffic A/S, Loadmaster A/S, Nord Transport A/S, Nord Transportkompagni A/S, Nordiske Godscentraler-Copenhagen Forwarding Agency A/S, Selskabet af 14. September 1964 A/S, Swedish Air Cargo Terminals A/S, Tof Danmark A/S, Transportkompagniet Nord A/S, World Air Cargo Organisation (Waco) A/S Show more
AddressJydekrogen 14, 2625 Vallensbæk
IndustryOther postal and courier activities [532000]
Established05-11-1985 (37 yr)
Company typeLimited Corporation
Number of employees515 (man years:465)
Advertising protectionNo
AuditorPricewaterhousecoopers Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab since 01-07-2011
Financial statement period01-01 to 31-12
Company capital76,100,000 DKK
75,100,000 DKK (13-12-2005 - 11-12-2006)
65,100,000 DKK (08-12-2004 - 12-12-2005)
37,000,000 DKK (29-12-2003 - 07-12-2004)
35,000,000 DKK (19-12-2002 - 28-12-2003)
34,000,000 DKK (18-12-2002 - 18-12-2002)
Articles of assoc. last01-02-2021

Member of industries


Selskabets formål er at eje aktier i transport- og speditionsvirksomheder, at udføre transport-, logistik-, finansiering- og administrationsvirksomhed, at investere i fast ejendom og anden efter bestyrelsens skøn hermed beslægtet virksomhed, enten direkte eller gennem tilknyttede selskaber.

Financial Statement

Currency/unit000' DKK000' DKK000' DKK
Gross Profit
Profit for the year
Total Assets

Mangement review

Foreign exchange risks Interest rate risks Credit risks Statement on data protection Like other industrial enterprises in Denmark DHL is affected by changes seen in the Danish economy in 2021 and we have seen an overall growth in the market. DHL will continue to focus on strong positioning within global imports and exports. DHL invoices its main sales in DKK, whereas parts of direct costs are dominated in EUR. DHL is partly exposed to exchange risks in relation to EUR as regards to day-to-day operation. Due to its ownership, DHL has limited exposure to interest level changes. DHL has no material risks relating to individual customers or business partners. Deutsche Post DHL Group has established a Group-wide Data Privacy Policy. This policy is binding for all of the company's subsidiaries that are affected by data protection laws. Through this measure we aim to ensure that the processing of personal data is carried out exclusively in accordance with the respective legal requirements. According to section 99d (3) of the Danish Financial Statements Act, DHL Express strives to handle data as responsibly and safely as possible. The Company is subject to rules and policies laid down by the parent company, which amongst other decide which IT systems to make use of. As a consequence, the Company has not made a separate policy in respect to data ethics. For a description of the group’s data protection policy please refer to the Annual Accounts of Deutsche Post DHL. The report can be found on:

The income statement of the Company for 2021 shows a profit of DKK'000 82,516 and at 31st December 2021 the balance sheet of the Company shows equity of DKK'000 309,774. In 2021 the company has continued a customer focused approach under the term “Insanely Customer Centric Culture (ICCC)”. This approach places the customer at the center of everything the company does. Through training modules from several CIS modules, the company strives to engage and motivate all employees to keep the customer in focus. This is further supported by a behavioral program, which rewards and recognizes customer-centric behavior (we call this the Perfect10! Award). We have used several technologies to optimize the core business and modernize the IT infrastructure to enhance the Customer and employee experience and to gain operational efficiency. Customer feedback has been carefully captured and closely monitored across several touchpoint in the customer life cycle. Top Management continued in 2021 to meet weekly, to discuss customer feedback (Voice of Customer, VOC) and to discuss necessary actions and initiatives. The overall score (using Net Promoter Approach and the NPS score) was increased from an overall average of 54% in 2020 to 69% in 2021, measured across more than 26,000 feedbacks and customer ratings. To support the initiatives to lower CO2 emission the company have throughout 2021 invested in additional 10 electric courier vans to further reduce the CO2 emission. The revenue for the year has compared to 2020, been satisfying overall. Management considers the result to be satisfactory. The expectations for 2021 was to maintain the growth the company saw in first half of 2021, and even though Danish companies were in Lockdown almost all year 2021, growth was capitalized. DHL did not see any negative impact caused by COVID-19. DHL has succeeded in keeping the network running and the result for 2021 remain unchanged. The Express division’s focus of becoming Employer of Choice, deliver great service quality and as an outcome improving our customer’s life has continuously led to an increased market share and even higher customer satisfaction. Our focus of becoming employer of choice led to Express Denmark won 2nd. place in Great Place to Work 2021. On top the company was awarded the price for Inclusion.