Company type
Limited Corporation (APS)
Gross profit
3,978,472 DKK
Operating Profit (EBIT)
2,478,032 DKK
Profit for the year
1,412,632 DKK
History 81 historical
Area Valid from Valid to
Number of employees1 (man years:1)01-12-202130-04-2022
Number of employees6 (man years:4)01-11-202130-11-2021
Number of employees2 (man years:1.19)01-10-202131-10-2021
Number of employees3 (man years:2)01-07-202130-09-2021
Number of employees6 (man years:3)01-06-202130-06-2021
Number of employees4 (man years:2)01-05-202131-05-2021
Number of employees3 (man years:2)01-04-202130-04-2021
Number of employees8 (man years:4)01-03-202131-03-2021
Number of employees6 (man years:6)01-02-202128-02-2021
Number of employees5 (man years:5)01-01-202131-01-2021
Number of employees10 (man years:11)01-12-202031-12-2020
Number of employees7 (man years:6)01-11-202030-11-2020
Number of employees9 (man years:10)01-10-202031-10-2020
Number of employees7 (man years:7)01-09-202030-09-2020
Number of employees5 (man years:4)01-08-202031-08-2020
Number of employees7 (man years:6)01-07-202031-07-2020
Number of employees7 (man years:7)01-06-202030-06-2020
Number of employees8 (man years:6)01-05-202031-05-2020
Number of employees10 (man years:9)01-03-202030-04-2020
Number of employees12 (man years:11)01-02-202029-02-2020
Number of employees9 (man years:9)01-01-202031-01-2020
Number of employees16 (man years:16)01-12-201931-12-2019
Number of employees12 (man years:11)01-11-201930-11-2019
Number of employees9 (man years:7)01-10-201931-10-2019
Number of employees7 (man years:6)01-09-201930-09-2019
Number of employees10 (man years:7)01-08-201931-08-2019
Number of employees9 (man years:8)01-07-201931-07-2019
Number of employees10 (man years:9)01-06-201930-06-2019
Number of employees12 (man years:11)01-05-201931-05-2019
Number of employees10 (man years:9)01-04-201930-04-2019
Number of employees12 (man years:9)01-03-201931-03-2019
Number of employees8 (man years:7)01-01-201928-02-2019
Number of employees22 (man years:21)01-12-201831-12-2018
Number of employees13 (man years:13)01-11-201830-11-2018
Number of employees15 (man years:15)01-10-201831-10-2018
Number of employees14 (man years:13)01-09-201830-09-2018
Number of employees13 (man years:12)01-08-201831-08-2018
Number of employees14 (man years:13)01-06-201831-07-2018
Number of employees13 (man years:12)01-05-201831-05-2018
Number of employees13 (man years:11)01-04-201830-04-2018
Number of employees12 (man years:11)01-02-201831-03-2018
Number of employees7 (man years:6)01-01-201831-01-2018
Number of employees24 (man years:23)01-12-201731-12-2017
Number of employees14 (man years:14)01-11-201730-11-2017
OwnersElse Kirstine Nielsen - owner share: 25-33.32% voting share: 25-33.32% 01-12-201630-11-2017
OwnersRobert Jens Severin Nielsen - owner share: 66.67-89.99% voting share: 66.67-89.99% 01-12-201630-11-2017
Number of employees12 (man years:12)01-10-201731-10-2017
Number of employees12 (man years:11)01-09-201730-09-2017
Number of employees10 (man years:9)01-08-201731-08-2017
Number of employees12 (man years:11)01-06-201731-07-2017
Number of employees13 (man years:12)01-05-201731-05-2017
Number of employees13 (man years:10)01-04-201730-04-2017
Number of employees18 (man years:17)01-03-201731-03-2017
Number of employees14 (man years:13)01-02-201728-02-2017
Number of employees6 (man years:5)01-01-201731-01-2017
Number of employees22 (man years:21)01-12-201631-12-2016
Number of employees10 (man years:10)01-11-201630-11-2016
OwnersElse Kirstine Nielsen - owner share: 33.33-49.99% voting share: 33.33-49.99% 01-11-201430-11-2016
OwnersRobert Jens Severin Nielsen - owner share: 50-66.66% voting share: 50-66.66% 01-11-201430-11-2016
Number of employees12 (man years:12)01-10-201631-10-2016
Number of employees9 (man years:9)01-09-201630-09-2016
Number of employees11 (man years:8)01-08-201631-08-2016
Number of employees14 (man years:14)01-07-201631-07-2016
Number of employees12 (man years:11)01-06-201630-06-2016
Number of employees10 (man years:9)01-05-201631-05-2016
Number of employees14 (man years:12)01-04-201630-04-2016
Number of employees15 (man years:14)01-03-201631-03-2016
Number of employees9 (man years:9)01-02-201629-02-2016
Number of employees5 (man years:5)01-01-201631-01-2016
Number of employees24 (man years:24)01-12-201531-12-2015
Number of employees17 (man years:17)01-11-201530-11-2015
Number of employees16 (man years:15)01-10-201531-10-2015
Number of employees13 (man years:13)01-09-201530-09-2015
Number of employees16 (man years:16)01-08-201531-08-2015
Number of employees17 (man years:16)01-07-201531-07-2015
Number of employees16 (man years:15)01-06-201530-06-2015
Number of employees11 (man years:11)01-02-201531-05-2015
Number of employees6 (man years:6)01-01-201531-01-2015
AuditorErling G. Jensen Revisionsanpartsselskab15-10-200130-05-2009
IndustryPelsdyravl [012510]15-10-200131-12-2007